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Word of the Nonna

This is a place to share my snap shots, thoughts, experiments, successes, failures, influences and culinary mentors. I have always been inspired by my Nonna and my adopted Italian family. I love the challenge to recreate the dishes they make, although there's a lot of guesswork (nothing gets written down, it's all by eye, taste and feel). Though I have had many culinary upheavals, I have the luxury of going to Nonna to find the right technique and solution to my cooking. This is my opportunity to carry on her traditions and secrets and to share Nonna's advice on ingredients, technique and the love of all things Italiano and more.... The Word of the Nonna. Mangia!!!!

Fresh & Foodie

A food blog with a buzz. Born and raised in Chicago.

Veggie Mama

Where friendly veg recipes and the 90s combine.

The Life of Clare

Learning to Live Simply

1st World Woes

The horror! The horror!