A salad with ‘CRUNCH’… and it’s not snail shells.

We have an external laundry at our house which I both love and curse

Love for those days when the washing is piled high and a visitor drops in, unaware of the damp laundry monster that lurks out yonder and hate for times when it is raining like it has this past week.

Trips to the laundry involve gumboots, umbrella and a strategically devised map to avoid the passing snails, slugs and occasional leech! – all whilst clutching onto the dirty laundry and backtracking to pick up that ‘Houdini’ pair of undies that somehow escapes your grasp.

With repeated dashes to the laundry this week i cannot help but notice that the herbs are loving this rain. Now with a day of sunshine the Vietnamese mint, Basil and Parsley are all going berserk! – it is screaming to be used so tonight so I am going to attempt a somewhat Asian inspired crunchy noodle salad that my kids might like, or at least attempt.

My kids seem to like their vegetables raw – so i am hoping that the crunchy vegetables will be crunched all up!20131119-185724.jpgI have some salmon fillets in the freezer and since the kids love salmon i am hoping that it will be a familiar vehicle for some new flavours.

As with a lot of recipes for dinner it is not set in concrete. This recipe lends itself to being tweaked and altered to suit your crew. It is a versatile recipe so add what ever crunchy vegetables your family likes.

First thing is to make the dressing for the noodle salad. This can be placed to the side till when you are ready to serve.

A combination of macadamia oil (or you could use vegetable oil), sesame oil, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, honey and peanut butter are both yummy yet not spicy or overpowering to turn of young pallets. By all means if you have adventurous eaters some minced ginger or chilli would be nice in the dressing, but i am going to play it very safe today.


Combine all the dressing ingredients and whisk together with a whisk. It does take a while to get the peanut butter to come together with the other ingredients – so persist. I was lazy today so ended up giving it a blitz with a hand blender.  20131119-185626.jpg

Then just prepare your salad ingredients. I used capsicum and sugar snap peas. I blanched the sugar snap peas briefly. 20131119-185631.jpg

We cooked the salmon on the barbecue. You could cook this anyway you wished (in the oven, poached or pan fried) Just prep it with a little olive oil and salt and pepper


The other decision to be made is what noodles you wish to use. It would lend itself to hokkein noodles, egg noodles, soba noodles so use which ever you have or prefer. Just prepare them as per the packet instructions and add all the other ingredients, including the dressing to the hot noodles – give a good stir to combine.20131119-185717.jpg

Once the salmon is cooked you can flake it through the salad or leave it separate on the side.

Garnish with spring onions and toasted sesame seeds if you wish

20131119-185642.jpgHere is our littlest persons serve. I separated the components a little as she prefers her food ‘seperate’ and held off on the garnishes20131119-185650.jpgHere is the big peoples serve. Yum!20131119-185658.jpg

So the verdict.

Miss 2 years devoured the salmon, ate no vegetables and despite appearance did eat a little pasta (maybe THREE mouthfuls) before pushing it all off the plate…20131119-185704.jpgMaster 5 years enjoyed it. He loves raw vegetables so managed to eat most of his meal. No complaints and said it was just like peanut butter spaghetti ?? (cringe) ??20131119-185712.jpg

So a fair result. One happy child, one ‘non-plused’ child and two happy adults…. oh, and a little less mint in the garden for the snails to raid!

Here’s to a little less rain and a little more sun so i can get the washing done.

Barbecued Salmon with Crunchy Noodle Salad


1/4 cup rice wine vinegar

1/4 cup macadamia oil (or vegetable oil)

1/4 cup soy sauce

2 generous tablespoon honey

1 tbs sesame oil

2 heaped tbs peanut butter

Combine all the ingredients and whisk together or blend with a hand blender to form a smooth dressing,


500g fresh salmon fillets

Dried or fresh egg noodles (prepared/cooked as per packet instructions)

2 small red capsicum thinly sliced

1 – 2 cups of sugar snap peas (blanched briefly in boiling water)

handful of vietnamese mint leaves (or regular mint)

handful of chopped coriander 

2 spring onions, finely chopped (to garnish)

2 tbs toasted sesame seeds (to garnish)

Prepare salmon fillets by drizzling in olive oil and seasoning with salt and pepper. Cook salmon on a hot barbecue for approx 4 minutes each side or until just pink inside.

Meanwhile, prepare the noodles and whilst hot, add the salad ingredients and dressing to the noodles. Combine well and then serve alongside salmon fillets or flake salmon fillets and mix through the salad. Garnish with spring onions and sesame seeds.


2 Responses to “A salad with ‘CRUNCH’… and it’s not snail shells.”

  1. Danielle

    She’s back, yeah yeah yeah! Looks delicious Nat. We will be making this one. Xx.


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