Salmon fingers and chips

I spent a fair chunk of the afternoon today helping Master 5 years hunt out pieces of Lego that he needed for his particular creation. Agh! I hate this job. SO MUCH Lego, and so much sorting and shuffling trying to locate that ever elusive piece…. it seems like hours are spent hunched over a mountain of lego till my neck is stiff, my eyes are blurred and my knees have the painful divots from those pointy lego pieces.

20130805-200333.jpgThankfully, dinner was an easier task and less time consuming than finding tiny plastic blocks.

Tonight it was another version of fish and chips that we love to dine on. I have shared the easy oven version of flathead and chips and now i am sharing this one. Barbecued salmon and chips.

My kids love salmon. I am so grateful they do because I feel much contentment watching them hoe down on the pink flakey flesh with all it’s super healthy oils. I am sure I can see their brains growing and their eyes glowing with all its nourishing goodness. Hopefully it helps them develop great eye site to pinpoint that elusive blue lego tile.

Salmon is great to eat barbecued. The trick is not to over cook it. Cook it till it is still just pink inside then let it rest for a couple of minutes to finish cooking through.

If you have not tried it on your kids yet, I urge you to give it a go. Fresh salmon in no where near ‘fishy’ as tinned or smoked salmon and it is so moist, flakey and easy for little mouths to eat. It is really worth a try.

I suppose today’s post it not really a recipe as such, just another suggestion on serving fish to your family.

I always buy two of the largest salmon fillets and halve each of them to make 4 smaller portions.

20130805-200533.jpgIt is much cheaper to buy them unboned and pin bone them yourself. It is really easy to do. Just grab yourself a pair of tweezers and the row of ridged bones are easily removed in minutes.

20130805-200539.jpgI then cut the kids portion into little lardons (or fingers). I do not bother to remove the skin because it is really fiddly to do and once it is cooked the skin peels off easily. All they need now is a rub with a little olive oil and some seasoning with salt.20130805-200544.jpg

I start by getting the chips underway (click here for link to chip recipe) and when they nearly done get the salmon on the barbecue. It does not take long to cook so watch it closely.

Serve your fish and chips up with salad or vegetables. Hopefully your vegetables move off the plate better than out broccoli did.

20130805-200552.jpgAs you can see from the verdict shot below, Miss 18 months broccoli remains untouched but the rest of the meal is gone, and with all the goodness of the salmon in her tummy… I can forgive that one tonight.

My final tip ….and an important one I have learnt from past mistakes ….

Do not bath your kids before this dinner. Salmon oil smeared on pyjamas don’t smell so crash hot when it comes to morning cuddles in bed.



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