What’s on the menu this week – May 26th 2013

Another week goes by and another one looms up ahead. So we had ‘Sunday shopping day’ today. I love when we can all shop together on a Sunday. An extra pair off adult size hands in the supermarket helps to control the two sets of little hands and we always finish off with a coffee together somewhere.

Last week was busy (aren’t they all!) but I am still desperately hoping and dreaming for a quiet week this week…. Did you hear that universe? Q-U-I-E-T.

The weather is getting cooler as nature settles into the beat of autumn and my cravings to SLOW down and cradle a hot bowl of soup and some warm crusty bread is overwhelming my every thought.

So it is time once again to try another soup out on the kids. So far I have had very little success apart from pumpkin soup but this week I thought I will make a hearty and warming tomato soup.
It has been a long time since I have made a tomato soup and I stopped mainly because the ‘stand-in-chef’ is not to keen on them.

The challenge has been set – i will change his mind on the matter.

The kids have never had it so fingers crossed they are lured over by the bright red bowl of happiness.

I plan (though i don’t know how it will pan out) to make some sort of soda bread with some hidden grated vegetables in it. Have no recipe in mind yet so some research is in order and I will get back to you on this one.

Another winter favourite and a favourite with the kids – spaghetti meatballs. However, I really get over beef mince so this is a Chicken Spaghetti Meatball. Last attempt in making this was 12 months ago now and it was not so good

Why you ask would I remember such a stat?

Only because I near well gave the family food poisoning when I had a malfunction with the gas stove top, had scatter brain that day and served up raw chicken meatballs.
That night ‘Stand-in-chef’ and myself went to a concert to which i panicked all night that I would have to exit stage left vomiting and that the kids were at home violently ill. Well thankfully my hypochondriac premonition was misguided and we were all fine….Phew.
Well we all learn from our mistakes and I swear to cook them well this time. I am sure I will be reminded of this incident though.

Salmon was cheap today at the fish market (shellharbour fish co-op, NSW) and the in-laws gave us some bok choy from their garden so I am feeling an Asian inspired salmon dish is in the air.

We still have some lamb cutlets (or meat lollipops as Master 5 years calls them) in the freezer from our ‘whole lamb’ purchase so I was planning to roast some pumpkin and beetroot in ‘chip’ shapes for some colourful hot chips and BBQ the lamb cutlets.

Apart from this, I have not planned much else. I still have some chicken stock in the freezer so maybe if the soup goes well we might venture to chicken noodle soup or a risotto.

Can’t wait to share some of the recipes with you this week. Lets hope we have some success!


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