What’s on the menu this week

Well, Sunday night has rolled around again and once again i am gearing up for tomorrow’s grocery shop. The cook books are out, the notepad is on the lap and the diary is in front of me as i look at the week ahead. It is an enjoyable chore tonight as i have pulled the chair up in front of the fire and am in no rush to head anywhere but sit here and peruse the cookbooks and try not to get distracted by the desserts section in the books.

A dear friend mentioned that she would love to see the full weeks meal plan up on the blog at the start of the week. I tend not to be super ridged and allocate each meal to a particular night (unless i have something on in particular and know i need an easy to prepare meal) and i always leave the weekends free to use up left overs or go crazy and find something really special to cook. So here you will find following 5 meals for this up coming week.

 Meatloaf with mashed potato and beans

This meatloaf recipe (out of the book Healthy Cooking – a commonsense guide) has got lots of grated vegetables in it and has a really lovely sticky tomato glaze on top. I have made this numerous times in the past as it is tasty, moist and great on sandwiches the next day, but when i think back it has been a long time since i visited this recipe and i don’t think i have yet made it for Miss 18 months so i will give it a go. It reads as ‘being an excellent source of niacin, vitamin B12, potassium, iron and zinc’ Sounds good to me.

Lamb with Chickpea and Couscous salad

I have some lamb cutlets in the freezer and i want to use them up this week. This salad is in a cookbook i borrowed from my mum ‘What Katie Ate’ by Katie Quinn Davies. This is a very talented foodie/photographer who’s blog, What Katie Ate, was so successful it turned into a cookbook. Her salads in my opinion are in a realm of their own. WOW! i love them. Chapter 3 is well thumbed and almost visited more often than the baking section. This couscous salad has roasted chickpeas, pepitas, roasted tomatoes, garlic, cumin, fennel and to top it off some soft boiled eggs (at first a seemingly odd combination but man…it works). I like it because out of all the ingredients the kids seem to eat bits and pieces and does expose them to lots of texture and new tastes. I don’t know when mum is going to get this book returned 😉

Crumbed Flat Head fillets, Salad and Sweet potato chips

An easy meal, one out of my head. Thankfully my kids love fish…all types, so i am determined to keep this ball rolling so we will have fish at least once a week. This week some golden crumbed fish, salad and some delicious sweet potato chips.

Chickpea burgers

This is a Belinda Jeffery recipe, another favourite food author/cook of mine. I personally love vegetarian meals and will often try and get two of these in the week. This chickpea burger is yum, toasty, moist and holds the tastiest vegetarian patty i have tried. I serve them on buns with avocado, grated carrot, sprouts, sweet chilli sauce or mango chutney. The patties are so yum and nutritious if the kids eat them alone i will be happy. They are cheap to make too, so double thumbs up to that.

Fettucini with spinach pesto

Now this recipe on first appearance looks like a ‘grade A’ failure. Kids + dinner + green vegetables = FAIL! Well can i tell you that in the past (i am sure they will probably prove me wrong this week) this has worked! I first tried this when we had a glut of spinach in the garden and was shocked that it was eaten with minimal fuss, so i will give it a go again. I probably last cooked it about 6 months ago before the ‘super fussy fairy’ visited our quaint little dining room so only she will now how it will go down this week.



Stay tuned and hopefully i can share all the highs and lows for this upcoming weeks menu.


3 Responses to “What’s on the menu this week”

  1. Bec

    Thankyou! for the dinner suggestions for this week and the blog recommendations.
    I’ll be checking out ‘what Katie ate’.

  2. Elise

    Thankyou Nat !! I’m looking forward to
    Trying a few of these this week! They sound fantastic!! X


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