The monday ‘WRAP’ up.

The full wrap

Well this afternoon was a fine example of what my afternoons can often be like. I did not think i would even get photo’s for this post. Dinner time loomed quicker than i expected and all of a sudden i have a 5 year old pestering for something to eat, and an 18 month old standing in the pantry pointing at the biscuits. Thankfully tonights dinner needed minimal cooking, so a crazy rush ensued as i madly assembled some fillings for tonights lamb wraps.

First job was to slice up some lamb from last nights left overs. Channeling my inner ‘doner kebab’ goddess, i carved up the meat and placed it on a tray covered in foil to warm up in an low to moderate oven (120 deg.celsius)

Sliced lamb of the bone

Sliced lamb of the bone

Next, the filling.

I have recently fallen in love all over again with couscous. The kids enjoy it and i wanted to bulk out the wraps with something yummy. I use instant couscous which involves placing equal parts couscous and boiling water in a bowl and covering for 5 minutes till all the water is absorbed then fluff it up with a fork. To add some extra toasty flavour to it, i then fried off a clove of crushed garlic, pinch of fennel seeds and 1 tsp of ground cumin in a frypan until it is fragrant and add the cooked couscous and fried it for a minute until it had absorbed all the flavoured oil. Some toasted flaked almonds were then mixed through and some mint leaves added.

I then made a simple yoghurt dressing made form 1 cup of natural yoghurt, 2 tbs olive oil, 1 tbs lemon juice and 1/2 tsp ground cumin.

So here is the final layout of the fillings

Tomato, cucumber, couscous, yoghurt, hummus and rocket

Tomato, cucumber, couscous, yoghurt, hummus and rocket

So with the fillings all ready, and the meat warmed up all i needed was some mouths to feed.

With a range of ages to feed all ‘wraps’ were age appropriate. Ella obviously is  too little to coordinate holding a wrap  (neither am i really, but that is part of the fun!) So her meal was just served up separate (or if i am sounding fancy a ‘de-constructed’ wrap)

18 month old serve

18 month old serve

Mr 5 year old likes to have his as a wrap, and decided on his fillings which included (cringe) tomato sauce (cringe). But hey, if he eats it then so be it.

Mr 5 year old serve

And the ‘big’ people – well give us the lot with lots of lashings of hummus, yoghurt, couscous, lamb and salad

The full wrap

Well the verdict

BIG PEOPLE – all gone

MR 5 YEAR OLD – all gone

MISS 18 MONTH – (sigh) – meat gone, couscous nibbled and wrap gone. Cucumber and tomato pushed around the plate but no tears and a pretty happy and relaxed table so thats a positive.


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