Monday – Shopping day!

Well, Monday rolls around again and as usual Monday morning breakfasts are slim pickings as today is the day i restock the pantry. I usually do a menu plan on Sunday night (which sometimes i love doing and sometimes i loath) Last night it was a bit of a chore as i was distracted my the My Kitchen Rules finale on TV! Non the less, the menu plan was done and the list compiled and shopping completed.

So a glimpse at what is to come this week….

Mmmm….. the fruit shop i go to has the BEST lebanese bread ever. It is so soft and fresh and never breaks when you roll it. So, that was a must for tonights wraps with the left over sunday roast

The softest lebanese bread ever...

The softest lebanese bread ever…

A usual winner with my kids is an ‘egg pizza’, which is really a frittata with bacon, macaroni, parmesan cheese and any vegetable i know that they will eat. So that is definitely on the menu this week.

I smell a frittata in the air....

I smell a frittata in the air….

These days i am perusing the ‘specials’ in the fruit shop for over ripe bananas as i have fallen head over heals for Teresa Cutter’s take on Banana bread. This version is super easy to make, not overly sweet and may i say nutritious as all get out and i am happy to toast it up for the kids as breakfast, lunch or a snack.  So yummy and even though almond meal in not cheap, in my eyes in as well worth the cost as they love it, its healthy and it is really filling.

Banana bread

Banana bread

So that is a glimpse into a few of this weeks meals. Some sure winners that i know my kids like. I will be trying a few other dishes too so hopefully if time permits i can share these with you too.

Finally, one last pleasure… i always get a buzz when the fruit bowl is full after shopping day. And in case you cannot tell, i discovered that ‘Miss 18 months’ loves mandarins. YAY!!! A fruit that is cheaper than fresh blueberries (which today were $9.00 a punnet) So we stocked up on those too.


Happy Monday everyone and now i need to put all this shopping away… (sigh) ….


3 Responses to “Monday – Shopping day!”

  1. Kimmyclark12

    I am going to try to plan my weekly menu next week I will let you know how it goes.


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