A Sunday Roast

Marinating lamb with garlic and rosemary

It has been a while since we have done a roast dinner. However this week i happened to become custodian to a whole lamb thanks to some wonderful friends and as my freezer is overflowing with the sounds of frozen ‘Baa..ing’, i felt a roast leg of lamb was in order.

It is such a big leg of lamb that it will be doing us for dinner for the next two nights. So i will have to come up with something for tomorrow that utilises the left over lamb. But right now i had to focus on tonights meal.

First thing was to marinate the lamb – a luxury i rarely can afford as dinner time often looms so fast i never seem to have the foresight to marinate anything. But this time i did. 4 garlic cloves, some rosemary sprigs, salt, pepper and olive oil was all it needed. A quick pounding with a pestle in the mortar and the marinade was slathered on thick.

Marinating lamb with garlic and rosemary

Marinating lamb with garlic and rosemary

After that, a few hours in the fridge and then it was time to heat up the Webber BBQ.

The leg of lamb was 2.8kg!!! So at at 1 hour cooking time per kilogram we had to get cracking! When the heat beads were white hot, on goes the lamb.

White hot heat beads

White hot heat beads

Whilst the lamb was cooking it was time to get cracking on the vegetables. Roasted pumpkin, potato and blanched beans.

Pumpkin and potato awaiting the oven

Pumpkin and potato awaiting the oven

The potatoes were par boiled for 10 minutes in boiling water just to speed up the cooking progress before being drained and added to a baking tray with olive oil, salt and a little butter. 30 minutes in a 220 degree celsius oven was all they needed to turn them golden brown and tender.

With the lamb out of the Webber and resting the beans were blanched.

Mouth watering lamb

Mouth watering lamb

And the final result


So…the verdict. Three plates were licked clean. Ella (Miss 18 months), ate all but the beans – which is actually a win and way more than she will often eat at dinner time. But she WAS hungry tonight. She did play a little with the beans and picked them up so maybe in another 10 years she may just try them 😉


3 Responses to “A Sunday Roast”

  1. Margaret-Ann Kemp

    Once upon a time all legs of lamb were that big , it went through the mincer the next day for Shepherds Pie .

  2. Danielle

    If you buy a thermomix you could easily mince the meat in seconds!


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